About Us

 We are DROOLS - a company that makes daddy+baby stuff.  Our first products - the Drools of the Trade baby teethers - are designed in father friendly shapes to encourage quality time while also comforting the infant while teeth are cutting through their gums.  Seriously. TEETH ARE CUTTING THROUGH THEIR GUMS.

Becoming a new DadDROOLS was started when one of the co-founders of FORGE (a 3D printing company) had his first child and was freaking out.  His house was quickly swarmed with mommy+baby stuff and he felt like he was being excluded because there wasn't any daddy+baby stuff.  Nothing from the baby shower.  Nothing at the local stores.  Not even a push present.  Our new dad wanted to play with his firstborn son and his choices were some rubber kale or a giraffe.

That hero, Bryce, was able to begin prototyping thanks to FORGE (ahem).  He simply wanted to make some teethers that would serve his son's needs and his new fatherly needs that he didn't even know he had - the need to teach and interact.  That's what we mean by daddy+baby stuff.  New fathers have needs too and are an important part of the family so we're dedicated to supporting new dads with functional and fun products.


During the 2 years of testing our designs and teethers, we discovered some pretty upsetting statistics about how common emotional issues are with new fathers.  Studies even suggest that a new dad's hormone levels and brain network changes.  Heavy stuff that became clearer as everyone kept asking, "How's mom" or "How's the baby?"  Nobody asked, "How's dad."

We're not saying that you have to buy some teethers.  DROOLS is really about more than that.  We'll be just as happy if the next time you see a new dad, you make sure he knows he's important.  Make sure he knows he's supported.  Make sure he knows what it feels like to be apart of a family because, after all, he's expected to lead one.

Dad. Designer. Dude.